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CBMS 2025: June 18-20, 2025 / Madrid (Spain)
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Attracting a worldwide audience, CBMS is the premier conference for computer-based medical systems, and one of the main conferences within the fields of medical informatics and biomedical informatics. CBMS allows the exchange of ideas and technologies between academic and industrial scientists. It is sponsored by the IEEE Technical Committee on Computational Life Sciences (TCCLS), a technical committee within the IEEE Computer Society which promotes research in all aspects of computational methods and tools with applications in Life Sciences, with a particular emphasis in biology, medicine and healthcare services. The TC also sponsors scientific conferences, scientific awards and workshops as well as PhD schools.

In this webpage, you will be able to find information about the conference, its steering committee, published proceedings and past editions. Aiming to enrich the community around CBMS we have also setup a newsletter where the most relevant information about the conference and associated events will be released. We would like also to invite you to follow us in Twitter and join our community.


Past Editions

The webpage of some of the previous CBMS editions is available in a static snapshot hosted by the conference. You can access to the available editions by clicking on the corresponding link: CBMS 2014, CBMS 2015, CBMS 2019, CBMS 2020, CBMS 2021, CBMS 2022, CBMS 2023.

Previous proceedings

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Steering Committee


CBMS Announces New Partnership Agreements with Scientific Societies

We are pleased to announce that the Steering Committee of the IEEE International Symposium on Computer Based Medical Systems (CBMS) has entered into new partnership agreements with several prominent scientific societies. These agreements, effective from March 2024, demonstrate our ongoing commitment to fostering collaboration and advancing the use of computing technologies in medicine.

These collaborations aim to provide benefits such as registration fee discounts to members of the participating societies, enhancing the accessibility of our symposium to a broader array of professionals and academics in the biomedical community. Specific details regarding the discount programs will be tailored to each society, with general provisions for a 20% discount on non-IEEE member fees and a 10% discount on IEEE member fees. These discounts will apply only to the main registration fee.

Additionally, all parties have agreed to promote these partnerships and the associated benefits. Information about the agreements and the available discounts will be featured on the CBMS website and the websites of the participating societies within the next 30 days. These initiatives are designed to encourage greater participation in our symposium, enriching the exchange of knowledge and networking opportunities among experts in the field.

The agreements are set to continue indefinitely, with provisions for amendment or termination by either party with a 30-day written notice, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to the needs of both the organizations and their members.

We look forward to a productive collaboration with our new partners and to welcoming their members to our upcoming events.

The list of Scientific Societies is showed below:

Spanish Society for Artificial Intelligence in Biomedicine (IABiomed)

Italian Scientific Society of Biomedical Informatics (SIBIM)

Join CBMS PC Committee

We are always looking for experienced and motivated researchers in the fields covered by CBMS to help in the peer-review process of each CBMS edition. If you are interested in joining our community as a PC member, and you have previous experience in the peer-review process of a conference as well as knowledge in the fields covered by CBMS, you can apply to become a PC Member. Fill in the form.

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